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Note: These designs are NOT for beginners. You will need, at the minimum, some prior experience in soldering and assembly, and preferably the ability to read schematic diagrams, as pertinent information is given in them. There are no parts supplied with these boards. They are NOT kits. Elby Designs offers kits for some of these designs.

The printed circuit boards as listed below are available from me as indicated.

These boards are professionally etched, with component overlay and solder mask. All holes have been drilled. Most boards have smooth milled edges.
Note: Some of the older boards are NOT lead free / ROHS compliant. New boards and restocks are all made to RoHS requirements using either ENIG -Electroless Nickle/Immersion Gold- or Lead-free HASL - Hot Air Solder Leveling.

Please email me (otherunicorn@gmail.com) to organize the sale or enquire about availability.

Some boards marked as discontinued may be revived if there is sufficient interest. These runout boards are listed in orange.

Minimum order.
The minimum order is US$20 including shipping.

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Shipping to Germany. A number of parcels have gone missing when shipped to Germany. You take full responsibility for any losses. To reduce your risks, for US$20 per order your boards can be sent registered. Alternatively, you can pay the prices below and accept the greater risks.

Rest of the world

Does your order contain CGS91, CGS94 or CGS86PAD?

Yes. Shipping is US$20.
No. Shipping is US$5.

By placing an order you accept these terms:

  • Items are sent by uninsured, untracked air-mail. If you require insurance, please specify when you email me. Insurance will cost $20 dollars or more, depending on the total order value. Some destinations are not insurable - e.g. Canada - due to the policies of the respective countries.
  • Any customs fees or taxes that the purchase attracts are the sole responsibility of the purchaser. If such fees or taxes are required, you will be contacted by the taxing body. It has nothing whatsoever to do with me. It is up to the purchaser to determine what can legally be imported into their country.
  • I am not responsible for uninsured boards that are lost in the postal system.
  • All sales are final. I do not take returns because "you have changed your mind".
  • I will accept changes to an order before it is shipped.
  • I will reply to your payment notification. If you do not get a reply to that email address within a couple days of payment, please email me. Note that I often won't reply on weekends.
  • Customs inspectors can read the prices on this web site just as easily as you can. Don't ask me to declare a false value; it is a crime for me to do so.
  • All orders are shipped from Australia.


I accept payment via PayPal. Please send payments to otherunicorn@gmail.com

Make sure you select GOODS or ONLINE PURCHASE payment type. Personal payments will be rejected. In other words, I pay all the fees. You do NOT need to send extra.

All prices are in US dollars.


Boards in stock as of 2 Feb 2016:

Regularly stocked boards are listed in black. When these boards are out of stock, they will be automatically restocked when I next get a batch of boards made, or in some instances, when updates to the design have been completed.

Order CodeVerPCBUnit PriceStatus
CGSLD 11 x LED driver PCBsUS$10in stock
CGS MULTIPLE Multiple jack PCB
(If you are crazy enough to order it, I WILL supply it!)
US$5.00in stock
CGSRR Real Ring Modulator (assembled board)discontinued
CGSRRPC1.0Real Ring Modulator blank PCB (new version)US$5.00in stock
CGSSSG Serge Smooth and Stepped GeneratorUS$30.00See CGS92
CGS012.1Sub oscillator US$20in stock
CGS02 Wavetablediscontinued
CGS02R3 Wavetable ROM set.*discontinued
CGS03 1.0Psycho LFOUS$7in stock
CGS04 2.2D.C. Mixer US$5in stock
SMT04  D.C. Mixer SMT
includes 100k and 47k SMT resistors
CGS05  Parallel port adapter Mk IIUS$12in stock
CGS06  Burst generator US$15in stock
CGS07  Gate Sequencerdiscontinued
CGS07SB Gate Sequencer switch & buffer boards
Adds 2 channels to CGS07 gate seq (2 board set)
limited number in stock. joined to each other.
CGS07P Gate Sequencer Preset boarddiscontinued
CGS08  V8 simulatordiscontinued
CGS09  Voltage Controlled DividerUS$20in stock
CGS10 1.1Pedal board/Mini KeyboardUS$10in stock
CGS11  D/A converterdiscontinued
CGS12V  Display Adapter - Verticaldiscontinued
CGS12H  Display Adapter - Horizontaldiscontinued
CGS13 2.2Gated Comparator Rev2US$20in stock
CGS14  +/- 15V Power Supplydiscontinued. Use CGS66
CGS15  Parallel port I/O Expanderdiscontinued
CGS16  Parallel port Latch boarddiscontinued
CGS17  Parallel port Input adapterdiscontinued
CGS18 1.0Drum simulatorUS$10in stock
CGS19 1.0Chime/bell simulatorUS$20in stock
CGS20  DCOdiscontinued
CGS21 2.1Super Psycho Modulation source.US$20in stock
CGS22 2.2Master DividerUS$20in stock
CGS23  CV Mega Mixerdiscontinued
CGS24  Gate to Trigger ConverterUS$5in stock
CGS25  Keyboard Scanner sub-modulediscontinued
CGS261.21Analog Logic voltage processor US$20in stock
CGS27  7 pin tube experimenter board
CGS28 2.0Sequential SwitchUS$20in stock
CGS29 2.2Wave Multipliers US$20in stock
CGS30 1.3Band pass filterUS$7in stock
CGS31 1.2Digital NoiseUS$20in stock
CGS32 2.0Infinite melody (new PCB layout)US$30in stock
CGS33 Matrix Mixerdiscontinued
CGS33EUR_A  Matrix Mixer Input US$10in stock
CGS33EUR_B  Matrix Mixer Column US$5in stock
CGS34  Analog Shift Registerdiscontinued See Elby Designs
CGS35 1.3Steiner VCFUS$10in stock
CGS35EUR  Steiner VCF EUROdiscontinued
CGS36 1.4Pulse DividerUS$20in stock.
CGS37 1.1CV ClusterUS$10in stock
CGS38 1.1Saw Pitch Shifter/Wave MultiplierUS$10in stock
CGS39 2.0Quad logic gateUS$10in stock
CGS40 1.2Modulo MagicUS$20in stock
CGS41 1.1Diatonic ConverterUS$20in stock
CGS42 Gate Seq. CV Adapterdiscontinued
CGS43 2.0Cascade MixerUS$10in stock
CGS44  PT2395 Delay evaluation boarddiscontinued
CGS45  Dome Filter.discontinued
CGS46  Stomp box adapter. (use a module as an effect pedal)US$20in stock
CGS47 1.1Cynare drum sim.US$20in stock
CGS48 1.0VCO. US$20in stock
CGS49  Twin CMOS filter. US$20in stock
CGS50 Harry's Morph-Lagdiscontinued
CGS51 1.1Weighted Random SwitchUS$20in stock
CGS52  Simple Wave Folder.discontinued
CGS54 1.1XOR XNOR logic.US$5in stock
CGS55 2.0Analog Switch Matrix.US$20in stock
CGS561.1Gate Converter.US$5in stock
CGS57 1.4Bi-N-Tic Filter.US$20in stock
CGS58 1.1Utility LFO. US$10in stock
CGS59 4-step 1.1Programmer/Sequencer.
Starter set. 4 x A board. 1 x B board
US$30in stock
CGS59 8-step 1.1Programmer/Sequencer.
Starter set. 8 x A board. 1 x B board
US$50in stock
CGS59A  Programmer/Sequencer.
($5 ea when ordered at the same time as a starter set. $6 otherwise)
US$5in stock
CGS60 2.0Stomp Box Adapter. (use effect pedal as a module)US$10in stock
CGS62 1.2Slope Detector.US$10in stock
CGS63  Power Supply Delay.discontinued
CGS64  VCA. US$10in stock
CGS65  Tube VCA. US$10in stock
CGS66 1.2Regulated power supply.US$20in stock
CGS67 1.1Active Real Ring Modulator. US$10in stock
CGS69  Dev-mod Gate/Trigger block.discontinued
CGS70  Dev-mod Mixer/Inverter block.discontinued
CGS71  Dev-mod generic prototyping block.discontinued
CGS72  Dev-mod link board.discontinued
CGS73  Euro power distribution board.US$10in stock
CGS74  0.156 "MOTM" style power distribution board US$10in stock
CGS75 1.0Serge VCS US$30in stock
CGS775 1.0Serge VCS discontinued. See Elby Designs
CGS76 1.2Serge 1973 Envelope GeneratorUS$30out of stock
CGS77 1.2Serge 1973 VCFUS$30in stock
CGS78 1.0Utility Envelope Generator (ADSR)US$20in stock
CGS79 1.0Serge Ring ModulatorUS$20in stock
CGS80 1.0Multi Mixerdiscontinued
CGS81 1.0Dual voltage processorUS$10in stock
CGS82 1.0Serge Negative SlewUS$30in stock
CGS83 1.0Serge Positive SlewUS$30out of stock
CGS84 1.0Serge Peak and TroughUS$15in stock
CGS85 1.0Serge Triple Wave ShaperUS$20in stock
CGS86 1.0Serge Touch Responsive Keyboard DetectorUS$30in stock
CGS86D 1.0Serge Touch Responsive Keyboard DriverUS$5in stock
CGS86PAD 1.0Serge Touch Responsive Keyboard Touch-padsUS$20in stock
CGS86 8-pad1.0Serge Touch Responsive Keyboard 8 touch-pad set.
1 x CGS86 1, x CGS86D, 1 x CGS86PAD
US$45in stock
CGS86 16-pad1.0Serge Touch Responsive Keyboard touch-16 pad set.
2 x CGS86, 1 x CGS86D, 1 x CGS86PAD
US$70in stock
8-step starter
Starter set. 1 x CGS87S. 1 x CGS87
US$40in stock
16-step starter
Starter set. 1 x CGS87S. 2 x CGS87
US$60in stock
8-step expansion
1 x CGS87
US$30in stock
CGS88 1.0Serge Bi-directional SwitchUS$20in stock
CGS89 1.0Gate SequencerUS$20in stock
CGS90 1.0Phaser and Audio mixersUS$30in stock
CGS91 1.0PCB Mounting Rail set (2 boards)US$20in stock
CGS921.0Serge Smooth and Stepped Generator
US$30.00in stock
CGS931.0Trunk/Multiple and Euro panel (Black PCB)
US$10.00in stock
CGS941.0Pot mounting rail
US$10.00in stock
US$20.00in stock
CGS961.0Serge Triple Comparator
US$20.00in stock
CGS971.0Serge Noise Source Noise transistor included.
US$20.00in stock
CGS981.0Bus Driver and Euro panel (Black PCB) US$15.00in stock
CGS98e1.0Bus Driver Expansion and Euro panel (Black PCB) US$10.00in stock
CGS991.0Bus Expansion PortUS$5.00in stock
CGS1011.0Serge DCSM 9 board set
US$50.00in stock
CGS1121.0Serge VCFQ 4 board set
US$40.00in stock
CGS1131.1Serge Wave MultipliersUS$30in stock
CGS1141.0Serge DUSGUS$30in stock
CGS1161.1Serge Extended ADSRUS$30out of stock
CGS1201.0Utility mounting rail x 1US$10in stock
CGS1201.0Utility mounting rail x 2US$15in stock
CGS1201.0Utility mounting rail x 3US$20in stock
CGS1201.0Utility mounting rail x 5US$25in stock
CGS1211.0Quad Comparator and Memory CellUS$20in stock
PAN1211.0Quad Comparator and Memory Cell PanelUS$30in stock
CGS202 1.1Serge Resonant EqualizerUS$30in stock
LPG1.0Low Pass GateUS$20in stock
PAN0001.0Generic 4U x 4.25" panelUS$30in stock
UNI011.0Sub oscillator 2 board set. (UNI format)US$25in stock
UNI331.0Matrix Mixer 4 channel setUS$30in stock


Occasionally some of these boards are left-overs from prototype runs, and have minor faults. These faults are outlined in the appropriate construction articles.

I reserve the right to refuse to sell these boards on occasions I see fit.


Article, art & design copyright 2001 by Ken Stone

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